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Your Privacy at 24Ludo.com

24Ludo and all its related entities consider your privacy to be of the highest importance, and we are committed to respecting and protecting it. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect and utilize the information you (Users) provide when using any 24Ludo game or application. Our Privacy Policy applies to all the services offered by 24Ludo. This encompasses services, features, and content accessible or downloadable from http://24ludo.com/ (Site), as well as any other 24Ludo application, service, or product accessed through third-party websites or sources, including Google Play Store and iOS App Store (collectively referred to as the “Service”).

Collecting Information

When you install our games and apps, we may gather and record information to enhance your experience and the benefits of using our Services. 24Ludo may collect personal and non-personal information from you during the use of the Service. This may occur in instances such as:

  • Using 24Ludo’s mobile apps or visiting our websites.
  • Registering for services, contests, and special events.
  • Accessing services through third-party IDs, like social networking sites or gaming services.
  • Purchasing products or services through 24Ludo’s online stores or in-app purchases.
  • Utilizing features like “tell a friend,” “email this page,” or “share this code.”
  • Seeking technical support.
  • Otherwise using 24Ludo Services where personal data is required for use and/or participation.

The data collected may include email addresses, device IDs, IP addresses, usernames, and passwords. We may also supplement your data with information received from third parties in connection with demographic, advertisement, market, and other analytics surveys or services. The information collected is used solely to enhance your gameplay experience and is never misused in any way.

Information We Collect from Other Sources

We may also gather information from other sources and combine it with information collected through the App. For instance, if you log into the App using a third-party site or platform like Facebook, we may access information about you from that site or platform, such as your screen name, profile information, and friend lists, following the authorization procedures determined by the third-party site or platform. We may also collect information from app stores when you download or update one of our applications.

If you log into the App using a third-party site or platform, you represent and warrant that (i) your access and use of such features in connection with the App comply with the applicable terms and policies of such site or platform; and (ii) you are at least 13 years of age.

Personal Identification Information

Personal information refers to information that specifically identifies an individual, such as a person’s name, phone number, credit card details, email address, and home address. We do not collect any information related to a person’s phone number, credit card details, email address, or home address. If any of this information is shared through Google Play during purchases, it is stored and secured by Google. We only receive the Order ID or Transaction ID and the Receipt Data, which we store as a transaction record on our end.

We do collect publicly available personal information from users, including their username, profile picture, and location, as well as their Facebook name, profile picture, and user ID. However, this information is used solely to personalize the game for the user and is not intended for any other use. This information is collected only if users voluntarily provide it to us through our Services. Users can always choose not to provide personal information. In such cases, users should avoid using social network features such as logging in with Facebook and using sharing and friend invite requests.

Non-personal Identification Information

We may collect non-personal identification information about Users whenever they interact with our Services. This information includes, but is not limited to, device type, brand and model, IP address, device ID, MAC address, installed software, application usage data, hardware type, operating system information, browser information, unique identifiers in browser cookies, Flash cookies, and HTML5 local storage, internet and online usage information, in-game information, location, and country, and whether a point package is being used.

This information is collected solely to provide and maintain the Service and the gaming experience, as well as to enhance gameplay for the user, advertising, and analytics purposes. Our processing for these purposes is necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are a party, in order to support the operation of the Service, facilitate the delivery of requested products and services, and enable maintenance and updates of the Apps.

This information also helps us deliver and support our products and respond to your requests for assistance. We also collect this information to improve our understanding of how our users use our products. We do not use this information for any purpose other than providing the Services, ensuring they are available to you when using our products, and enhancing the underlying algorithms of our products.

Social Media

Our Service offers integrations with sharing services and tools (such as Google +1 button, Facebook Like button, among others) that enable information sharing and interactions while using our Service. Additionally, we may integrate Social Media Services into our Games’ competitive services for sharing Scores and Achievements among players, like Google Play Games Services or others. The choice to use these services and tools is entirely up to each user and is not mandatory. The social features that users choose to use enable sharing information with other contacts or the public based on the provided configuration options. For more details about the purpose and extent of data collection and processing related to social sharing features, please refer to the privacy policies of the entities offering these features.

When you utilize one of our applications and connect it to your Facebook or other Social Media account, you provide us with basic account information such as user ID, name, email, gender, birthday, current city, profile picture URL, and the user IDs of friends who have also connected with our applications. Additionally, we may cache data received from Facebook or other Social Media APIs to enhance user experience.

This information is used solely to facilitate connection to Social Media accounts, allowing users to display their data on game accounts, share requests with friends, and engage in other social interactions. This data is provided voluntarily by users when they connect the app to their social media accounts. If you choose not to share this data with us, we recommend refraining from connecting the app to your social media accounts. If you wish for us to delete the data obtained from your accounts, please contact us accordingly.

Information Usage

We may utilize information about you for various purposes, including to:

  • Provide, maintain, and enhance the App.
  • Develop new apps, sites, and services.
  • Deliver requested products and services and send related information.
  • Send technical notices, updates, security alerts, and support messages.
  • Provide news and information about the App that might interest you.
  • Personalize and enhance the App, offering tailored content and features.
  • Analyze trends, usage, and activities related to the App.
  • Link or combine with information from other sources to better understand your needs and offer improved service.
  • Fulfill any other purpose for which the information was collected.

By accepting our Privacy Policy or providing information to us, you consent to the collection, usage, processing, and transfer of information as deemed necessary.

Storage of Information

24Ludo will store your personal data for as long as required to provide the App or fulfill the described purposes above. If needed to establish, exercise, or defend a legal claim or to comply with applicable laws, including accounting regulations, the information may be stored longer.

Your personal data will be deleted or anonymized when it no longer serves the aforementioned purposes or, at the latest, three (3) years after your interaction with 24Ludo has ceased.

Personal Data Security

Voice chats are not recorded or saved on our servers. Conversations held on voice chats are not reproducible, and 24Ludo does not hold any liability for the content of voice chat conversations. Responsibility for voice chat content lies solely with the user. Users use the voice chat service at their own discretion.

Please note that 24Ludo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is not liable for damages caused by the intentional or accidental sharing of data such as personal mobile numbers, email addresses, or social media accounts by oneself or other users within the apps. 24Ludo never discloses the personal data of its players to other players, and user data cannot be obtained or scraped through the game apps. 24Ludo is also not responsible for data acquisition by any user from the social media accounts of other 24Ludo app users. We encourage users to secure their identity and refrain from sharing the mentioned personal data with online users to maintain data privacy.

Storage of Information

Grant of a License to Use the Service

Subject to your adherence to the Terms of Service, 24Ludo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. grants you a revocable, non-exclusive, limited license to access the 24Ludo app. This license is non-transferable. You agree to use the Service solely for your own non-commercial purposes. In Ludo King, you engage to win virtual currency or virtual money known as coins. The coins you win or lose have no real monetary value. Occasionally, you may “earn” or “purchase” virtual currency and in-game items. Please note that these virtual currencies and items do not equate to any real currency or equivalent credit balance. 24Ludo reserves the right to terminate user accounts without stating a reason. If 24Ludo determines that a user has acquired coins from unauthorized or term-violating sources, it holds the right to deduct some or all of the user’s total coins. Ludo King is available for free download. Players receive free coins to start the game. This allocation grants a limited license for gameplay. If not all free coins are used, the game can be played for an unlimited duration. Coins can also be purchased through in-app purchases. However, both purchased and won coins hold no real currency value. If you choose to discontinue the game, the remaining coins hold no real monetary value; instead, they represent the extent of your license. These coins are non-transferable. By accepting the use of the Ludo King application, you understand and agree that coin losses can occur due to various reasons, such as data or internet connection issues, server problems, traffic surges, unauthorized account use, or account hacking. 24Ludo is not responsible for coin losses due to the functioning or malfunctioning of servers or software. You acknowledge and agree to play Ludo King purely for fun and entertainment. 24Ludo is not liable for any damages or losses whatsoever. If 24Ludo deems that a user has obtained coins from unauthorized sources or sources that violate service terms, it reserves the right to deduct some or all of the user’s total coins.

Restrictions on Service Use

Several restrictions apply to using the service:

  • Your account is exclusively for non-commercial entertainment.
  • Illegal activities are prohibited.
  • Repetitive messages (spam), junk email, advertising, and solicitation are prohibited.
  • Posting offensive, abusive, threatening, racial, sexual, or obscene content is prohibited.
  • Cheating or hacking the game is prohibited.
  • Sublicensing, leasing, trading, gifting, selling, or transferring your account or associated virtual items is prohibited without written permission from 24Ludo.
  • Buying or acquiring coins and virtual items from unauthorized sources is prohibited.
  • If removed or banned from the service, you cannot use it.
  • Use of the service implies agreement to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and other policies. Failure to agree terminates your service license.

Sharing Your Information

We may share Your Information with third parties with whom we have a strategic relationship, such as ad networks and analytics providers. Information shared with these parties may be used for industry analysis, tracking ad conversions, or demographic profiling.

We may involve third-party companies and individuals to facilitate or provide the Service on our behalf or assist us in analyzing Service usage. These third parties have access to Your Information solely for the specified tasks and cannot use it for any other purpose. We may also provide Your Information to business partners or trusted entities for informing you about goods or services of interest.

Moreover, if you’ve consented under GDPR, your advertising ID may be shared with advertising network companies to serve behavioral ads within the App.

Disclosure of Information

We may disclose the personal information we have about you in the following scenarios:

  • If required or authorized by law or a law enforcement agency.
  • To our business partners in the course of delivering our Products and Services, or generally in the operation of our business. This may involve organizations providing services to us, such as payment processors or hosting services.
  • To prevent, lessen, or respond to serious emergencies or crimes. If we use or disclose your personal information under these circumstances, we will maintain a written record of such use or disclosure.

Children’s Privacy

Although our Products and Services may be used by children, we do not knowingly collect or process any Personal Information from children under the age of 13. We explicitly forbid users under the age of 13 from providing us with any Personal Information. If you are a parent of a child under 13 and believe your child has provided us with Personal Information, please contact us, and we will remove the information from our system.

In-App Purchases

Certain features or items in some of our products and Services can be obtained through in-app purchases using real money. In-app purchases are not necessary to win prizes or effectively use the apps. The number of in-app purchases is not restricted, and you understand and accept full responsibility for managing your in-app purchases and the associated spending within our app. If you prefer not to make in-app purchases, please avoid using these options and consider disabling them on your device.

Making an in-app purchase may require sharing personal identification information with us. If private information is shared via Google Play during purchases, it is stored and secured by Google. We only receive the Order ID or Transaction ID and the Receipt Data, which we store as a transaction record on our end. The same process applies to transactions on Apple ID.

It’s important to note that features and in-game currency purchased, such as virtual coins, cash, gold, gems, diamonds, points, etc., are valid only within the app or game’s duration. If you uninstall the app or game, these features and coins will no longer be available and are non-transferable. These virtual items cannot be converted into real money or refunded. You acknowledge that Virtual Items are not owned but rather come with a limited license for use based on the specific game’s mechanics.

No Refund Policy

In-app purchases are non-refundable. 24Ludo follows a no-refund policy for all in-app purchases.

Sponsor and Other Linked Websites

We retain the right to use and disclose the collected non-personal data for advertising purposes by us or our partners and contractors. We may engage third parties for ad serving technologies, which might collect information through ad-serving within our Services.

We and these entities may employ various identifiers to gather information about your App usage, including but not limited to your IP address, MAC address, device identifiers, software and hardware details, time zone, and usage patterns.

This information may be utilized by us and others to determine content popularity, deliver contextual advertising and content, and gain a better understanding of your App activity.

Third-party ad serving technologies are integrated into the App. If you prefer not to be subjected to these technologies, please refrain from using or accessing the App.

Third-Party Advertising

The advertisements featured in our apps may prompt users to purchase or conduct monetary transactions for third-party products or services. We hold no liability for any loss related to third-party in-app purchases that occur outside of our apps. This Privacy Policy does not extend to the practices of companies not owned or controlled by us. Any information you provide to sites, applications, or services advertised through our apps is subject to their respective privacy policies. Please make sure to review the privacy policies of any third-party applications, services, or sites you visit or grant permission to access your information. It’s the responsibility of those third parties to safeguard the information you provide, and thus we cannot be held responsible for their use of your personally-identifying information. In the event of any issues with a product or service, you should contact the respective providers for resolution. 24Ludo will not be accountable for the authenticity of products or services or the misuse of your personal information by third-party service providers.


We retain the right to use and disclose collected non-personal data for analytic purposes, both by us and our partners and contractors. We may enlist third parties to provide analytics services. We and these entities might use specific methods to gather information to provide analytics.

The information collected could encompass your App usage, such as device type, brand, model, IP address, device identifiers (like Device ID, MAC address), installed software, application usage data, hardware type, Operating System information, browser details, Internet and online usage information, in-game information, geographical location, country, time zone, and usage patterns.

This information may be used by us and others to, among other things, determine the popularity of specific content, deliver context-based advertising and content, and enhance our understanding of your activity on the App.

Third-party analytics technologies are integrated into the App. If you prefer not to be subject to these technologies, please avoid using or accessing the App.

Third-Party Links

The Service might contain links to other websites and online services (“Linked Sites”). The presence of these links does not imply our endorsement or affiliation with these third parties, nor does it indicate our endorsement of their privacy policies or practices. You acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of such Linked Sites, and this Privacy Policy does not apply to them. Operators of Linked Sites may gather information about you and use and disclose that information. We advise you to review the privacy policies of the Linked Sites you use.

Push Notifications

With your consent, we may send push notifications or alerts to your mobile device to share app-related information, service updates, promotional communications, and other relevant messages. You can deactivate these notifications by adjusting your notification settings on your device.

Storage and Security

We adhere to widely accepted industry standards and employ reasonable safeguards to ensure the security, integrity, and privacy of the information we possess. While we strive to maintain the integrity and security of our network and systems, we cannot guarantee that our security measures will prevent third-party “hackers” from unlawfully accessing this information. We do not warrant or claim that your Account or any of Your Information will be safeguarded against loss, misuse, or alteration by third parties. In the event of such an occurrence, we will notify you as soon as possible and within 72 hours of such an event.

Your Rights

If you wish to exercise any of the rights outlined below, you can contact us at any time via email at contact@24Ludo.com. We will process and respond to your requests promptly and within one month of receiving your request, unless the complexity of the request necessitates a longer response time, which could be up to three months, as permitted by the GDPR.

  • Right to Request Access: You can request access to the data we process about you, including details such as the purposes of processing, categories of personal data, recipients, storage duration, and more. You also have the right to obtain a copy of your personal data being processed.
  • Right to Object: You can object to the processing of your personal data when it’s based on the balancing-of-interest rule of the GDPR, and you have compelling legitimate grounds for objection. You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes, which will result in the cessation of processing for this purpose.
  • Right to Rectification and Erasure: You have the right to correct inaccurate personal data and to request erasure of your personal data under certain conditions, including when the data are no longer necessary, you’ve withdrawn consent, or when you’ve objected to processing.
  • Right to Restriction: You have the right to restrict the processing of your data in specific circumstances, and we’ll only process your data under certain conditions, like with your consent or to establish legal claims.

These rights are subject to specific limitations and requirements under the GDPR.

The Right to Withdraw Consent

If we have requested your consent for processing your data, you hold the right to withdraw your consent at any moment. Should you decide to withdraw consent, we will halt the processing of the data covered by the withdrawal, unless a legal obligation mandates the retention of certain portions of your data.

Please be aware that withdrawing your consent will automatically terminate your user license to use the App. However, the withdrawal of your consent does not affect the legality of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.

The Right to Data Portability

You possess the right to receive the personal data you’ve furnished to us, which we process, in a structured, universally used, and machine-readable format. Additionally, you have the right to transfer this data to another data controller if the processing is founded on consent or contract fulfillment.

Acceptance of the Terms

By utilizing any of the Services provided by 24Ludo and by granting consent, Users agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Privacy Policy. You also consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of your information by 24Ludo in alignment with the stipulations of this Privacy Policy. Should you disagree with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, we kindly ask that you refrain from using the Service.

Policy Updates

We retain the prerogative to revise, amend, and update this Privacy Policy periodically. These updates will take effect from the issuance date on the Site. We encourage you to check for updates regularly. Continued use of the Services indicates your acceptance of the alterations made to this Privacy Policy.

Contacting Us

For inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy or any other matters, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at: contact@24Ludo.com

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